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Well, much of what you said is true about Hawaii. The pros to those issues are better health standards, less outright corruption, safer overall, and better lodgings at many price points. American Samoa is a very different place. And it's not all rainbows and unicorns. Report inappropriate content.

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Samoa will also host matches against an Auckland team and a first ever international against American Samoa, where cricket has been reportedly played for many years. SCA official, Jim Dunlop, said ...

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14 reviews. 9 helpful votes. 5. Re: American Samoa vs. Samoa. 3 years ago. Save. American Samoa is not tourist driven, Western Samoa has a much more developed tourist industry. American Samoa is much more "Off The Beaten Path" and more preserved. We are avid snorkelers and American Samoa was much more attractive for us.Travelers should follow recommendations or requirements in American Samoa, including mask wearing and social distancing. After Travel Self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms; isolate and get tested if you develop symptoms. Follow all state and local recommendations or requirements.

American Samoa was very interesting and rather pleasant when I first went there in the 90's. I was performing at the then main hotel on the island, the Rainmaker, where I lived. It was adjacent to Pago Pago Harbor and the Pago Pago Yacht Club. It was destroyed by a typhoon a few years after I left. Since the hotel was the primary meeting place ...Currency Exchange Rates - International Money Transfer | Xe