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The specific heat capacity of platinum is 0.032 cal/g·K. How to calculate the heat, in joules, necessary to raise the temperature of a sample of platinum weighing 20.0 g from 15.0 Celsius to 65.0 Celsius?

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The heating element is the most crucial part of an oven and it is also the most prone to damage as each time during operation, it's subjected to intense heat. You can go about checking to see if the element is bad but the most conclusive results can be obtained with a multimeter.8. Heat output is defined by the power P which is itself defined by the voltage drop V across the element and the current I through it: P = V ∗ I. If you have a specific heat output you want and a input voltage you can figure out the resistance needed by plugging in Ohm's law. P = V ∗ A = V ∗ V R.

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The Radiator Calculator assumes a maximum ceiling height of 2.7 metres and is designed to calculate the heating requirements of standard domestic living spaces. We recommended speaking to our heating advisors. if you are looking to heat a room with high ceilings, large areas of glass, exceptionally high heat loss or an unusual shape or style.Calculate Volts, Amps, Watts and Ohms. Classifications for Electrical Apparatus in Gas Atmospheres, Major Gas Groups and Hazardous Areas. Electric Heater Duty Calculator. Element Operating Temperatures in Air. Equipment Protection Level. Heating Load Requirement Graphs for Air. Heating Load Requirement Graphs for Water. Imperial/Metric ...These are coiled wire heating elements (see Special Note below) which are used in many applications such as ceramic kilns, glass kilns, glass annealers, and many more do-it-yourself projects. The coiled element can be stretched to it's "Installed length" and formed to fit many applications. Element Definitions (see element sketch) Coil Diameter: This is the diameter of the coiled element .

Temperature Sensing Electric Blanket Heating Element Packaging & Shipping packed with Inner PE bag with warning +Master carton 60*40*31CM,300PCS PER CTN, we use the dual helix heating elemet for our own electric blanket has two layers,outer layer and inner layer,would be fast heating up and can do temperature sensing at the same time our dual helix heating element would cut them into the ...